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Enterprise Content Management

Your business is secure with Xsomo’s efficient, cutting edge Content Management Solutions

For an organization to flourish, information has to continue to flow to the right people, and it needs to get to them at the right time.

When relying on manual and paper based processes for managing documents, information gets misplaced or is delayed in reaching the right hands.

For over a decade we have provided Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions that capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content into the right hands. Because this content is transactional it can be used to automate workflows that will launch you on the digital transformation highway of efficiencies allowing your business to operates with measurable performance metrics that allows you to grow.

So What is ECM?

Enterprise content management (ECM) – sometimes referred to as document or records management – is the process (strategies, methods, and tools) of managing the entire lifecycle of an organization’s content, including Word docs, Excel spreadsheets, PDF files and scanned images. The general goal of ECM is to reduce risk and improve productivity, efficiency, and customer service via the elimination of paper-based tasks and the enhancement of process visibility.


Some time ago we were approached for a mailroom DMS solution.


Using our ECM software the project grew from simply scanning correspondence, to include workflows and metrics that the business operators use to make decisions.

The non-movement of paper files made the client’s operations more efficient and very competitive. As a result our solution is now part of their core software solution for this major mortgage company with more than 700 software license seats.

Our ECM software is also used by a major bank to achieve compliance with the “Know Your Customer” banking act. The bank scans customer signature cards, letters of reference and transactions. These documents can then be quickly referenced and retrieved from any of the branches islandwide through our integration with their line of business app.

How We Do It

All of this is accomplished by our best-known software suite called OnBase by Hyland that has helped to improve customer service, reduce operating costs and minimize risk worldwide. It does this by providing instant access to all your data, documents and business processes from anywhere, using any device or in any application.