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Branded Business Forms

Making a memorable impression is extremely important when engaging customers on your company's behalf. You want to make a lasting impression and be top of mind as often as possible. At Xsomo we offer a wide variety of custom form printing which features customised logos; stamps, lettering and cheques.

Efficiency is always at that core of the services we provide and that's is why our forms can be continuously fed through impact printers with multiple copies printed in one pass using a variety of paper regardless of weight, colour or size. We have the capabilities to further your customization to include tracing technology such as bar coding which will allow automatic detection and routing through bar code readers. 

State of the Art Magnetic Ink Character Recognition

Our Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) utilizes modern technology that enhances the security of personal and business documents. When you use magnetic ink scanners, you can easily identify your documents, giving way for secure and efficient processing. We also offer additional security features such as UV ink detectable under UV lights.  Xsomo appreciates that quick processing must not affect the quality of service given, that is why we use the best MICR as it allows cheques to be processed quickly and securely with approximately 100% accuracy.