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Direct Mail Solutions

Inbox mailing ads aren’t foolproof, ad filters and ad blocks can severely hamper your campaign. That’s where direct mailing comes in! Revamp your company’s outgoing high volume communications with our direct mailing solutions. Direct mail is considered one of the most cost effective forms of direct marketing that has been proven effective across industries. Streamline your messaging with all your consumers while enhancing the productivity of your team. Let our experts here at Xsomo show you an easy way to reach your existing customers while building out your current demographic.

Revamp your company’s high volume communications with our direct mailing solutions. Employ cutting edge messaging while enhancing consumer engagement & productivity

We  have the expertise so let us handle all your direct mailing needs. Entrusting your campaign with Xsomo will take away the stress that comes with having to formulate a direct mailing campaign. From graphics to logistics, we have it all covered. Our team of professionals are accomplished in creating full colour, digitally printed self-mailers to boost your direct mailing campaign. We partner with our clients in order to create a professional look for your package inserts, newsletters and bulletins that won’t go unnoticed.