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Solutions for Government

Xsomo understands that government entities operate with little room for error. During operations we place the utmost care with our clients throughout the region. Currently we have government clients who use our partner solutions for Cabinet and Agenda management. This is one of our solutions that securely delivers all relevant documents, provides audit trails and watermarking to ensure the highest security levels appropriate for government. 

Our Print and Paper Solutions see us offering: 

  • Multipart, single part business forms or cheques. Our team is trained in forms design and can assist in customizing to achieve the desired results at the highest international standards.
  • Cheques high quality precision, full colour and cost effective prints of promotional material including the management of  any COVID protocol displays in areas like Tax Offices and other facilities with heavy public presence. 
  • Several popular sizes of blank rolls, continuous paper. 
  • Premium copy paper that feed freely and run through all brand copier, printers with no jams and have the highest quality "white brightness" . 
  • Quick delivery for stock items and copy paper within 48 hours to in town locations and island wide delivery  within a week (conditions apply)
  • Layers of print security tailored to your needs for various certificates or sensitive documents for example our specially imported Defensa® Premium SG paper with inbuilt Security Features such as :                   
    •  Colour reaction triggered by use of bleach, oxidizers, solvents, acid or alkali materials
    •  Large fibres visible only under UV (black) light 
    •  True Fourdrinier watermark
    •  Prevents toner removal 
    •  Watermark cannot be copied
    •  Two-sided pattern makes cutting and pasting impossible
    • Micro Line
    • UV Ink (Depending on number of colours on cheque)
    • Phantoms / Screen
    • Magnetic Ink Character Recognition fonts used on cheques. 

What Our Solutions Look Like

Print and Paper Solutions: We support full back-end print & paper solutions fit for government. Full options such as chemical reactivity, uv printing, customized screens, micro lines, embedded special paper fibres, cheques, barcoded forms, certificates, notices, receipts, vouchers, letterheads, specialized envelopes, business forms, books, full colour promotional prints, brochures ,flyers, signage, stickers and copy paper. 

Forms Machines

Allow us to create a hassle-free back office paper/print routine. Through strategic partnerships with trusted brands such as Formax and TROY we here at Xsomo are able to provide the best form handing machines, as well as print software. These solutions allow support for shredding either by cross-cut or strip-cut methods to manage both small office and  industrial shredding. Pressure sealing of special self-sealing pressure seal stationery which we can also supply. Automatic signing of cheques through printing of encrypted signatures developed by Troy software and printers and secure printing of sensitive documents using TROY software in a variety of methods. 

Print-to-post / Mailers

We provide full back-office support of confidential information while meeting time sensitive deadlines. You choose the most convenient medium to reach your customers and we can get it done, whether print or electronic mail. We are able to assist you to send out  print and mail notices and letters to taxpayers through Service Level Agreements (SLA’s).

Keep in touch with taxpayers and the general public in a cost effective manner. Let our team of highly trained professionals customize your back office solutions within your timeframe and budget. We are able to mobilize through Purchase Orders for ad-hoc scenarios as well as provide customized stationery. We use our over 50 years of experience to manage your processes in the strictest of confidence and the greatest of care. Allow us to streamline your processes while you use your time and resources to focus on what is important, running the country. 

Technology Solutions

We understand that government systems need to run as efficient as possible. It is imperative that back and front offices run smoothly. Our experienced team is trained in maximizing efficiency by  digitizing documents,  records management, and document/content Management Solutions Such As Automated Workflows , Case Management - Customer Service Help Desk and  Virtual Server along with  Outlay Solutions.