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Secure Printed Products & Equipment

Xsomo understands that fraud is a major concern of many businesses across industries but even more so, in the health and financial sectors. With a combination of key software, hardware and consumable products we are able to offer the best in secured printing. Customizations such as bar coded forms which allow automatic detection and routing through a bar code reader are ways we offer security for you and your clients. 

Protect your output as well as your client's with our specialty inks such as uv ink printing which is detectable under a uv light and toners, which gives you the tools to add personalized, on demand, layered security to your printed documents.

Our financial clients have access to a variety of cheque printing services that help to minimize fraud risks, which certifies them as trustworthy in their industry. Likewise, those in the health industry can rest assured that our modern laser printing on plain paper protects them from instances of prescription fraud. As E-Health grows, the flexibility to work along with e-prescriptions will help businesses modernize quicker and more easily. This is an added bonus that customers will appreciate.

Xsomo creates partnerships with industry leaders to ensure reliable performance in line with industry standards. We've strategically partnered with TROY solutions to provide: 

  • Security lock trays 
  • MICR printing through MICR toners 
  • UV printing through UV toners 

As well as TROY software that is able to: 

  • add layers of security while printing variable information
  • print MICR information 
  • encrypt and store data e.g. signatures that can be read from jump drives 
  • create logarithms that are able to read information from hard coded chips as well as thumb drives and data files. 

Our team of professionals are able to guide you through our wide range of security software and features so that you can create the best solutions that fit your company and client's needs.