Our History

  • The Beginning

    Originally Moore Business Forms Jamaica, we began operations in 1968. Using the latest manufacturing and print technologies, we create specialised stationery goods and solutions for the Jamaican business community.

  • Business Communication Solutions

    In 1996 the company established its Business Communication Services department through which it offers Variable Imaging, "Print-To-Post" and other fulfillment services.

  • Technology Business Solutions

    The focus to assist our clients to manage their business information led to the formation of our specialised Business Solutions unit in 2001.

  • Jamaican Census

    The company won the contract for data processing for Census 2001 and the solution was implemented through the division. Approximately twelve (12) million pages of handwritten forms were scanned and the information processed in a period of six (6) months

  • 100% Jamaican Owned

    Since 2002 the company has been Caribbean owned and the current directors are: Andrew M.J. Fowles, E. Veronica Harris, David G. Inglefield, R. Anthony Jenkinson and Desmond K. Valentine.