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Solutions for Financial Services

As the global financial services industry continues to grow, there is an increasing need for fully integrated and secure solutions. This is what Xsomo aims to do with our award-winning digital transformation partners. For years we have provided banks, micro-financers, mortgage companies and insurers with solutions such as on-boarding, workflow processing, general conversion of paper documents and trend analysis to name a few.

Financial services require a lot of focus on security and Xsomo’s offers full back-end print and paper solutions that incorporates that while incorporating your company’s offerings.

Many of our print and paper support see us offering:

  • Multipart/single part business forms or cheques for printing through laser, continuous fed printers, books, loose sets or machine rolls  
  • Several layers of print security in line with your needs as well as specially encoded MICR for machine processing
  • High quality precision, full colour and cost effective prints of promotional displays. We also manage in branch COVID 19 protocol displays
  • Several popular sizes of blank rolls/continuous paper which can be easily selected from our stock rooms to your store
  • Premium copy paper that is tried and proven feed freely run through all brand copier/printers with no jams and have the highest quality "white brightness" 
  • Quick delivery for stock items and copy paper within 48 hours for in town locations and  offer delivery around the Island within a week  (conditions apply)


What Our Solutions Look Like

We offer premium solutions that are tailored to the financial industry such as:

Form Machines

We’ve partnered with trusted industry brands Troy group and Formax which enables us to provide specialized equipment suitable to ensure ease of back office management. Extensive and up to date equipment such as shredders, pressure sealers, cheque signing solutions  and cheque printers are available. Our partnerships also allow us to maximize security by offering printers with security lock trays, printing with MICR/UV toners, solutions using red dye release, software generated watermarks using data streamed to print at the point of personalized printing, encryptions coded through either or both software and hardware and cloud based security printing setup. 

Print to Post/Mailers

We provide a convenient and cost effective means of communication with your customers. Whether electronic or print we take care of the back end processes for you and your team. At Xsomo our certified and highly efficient technical and print teams create customized back office solutions tailor made to your requirements and manage it all for you within agreed budgets and on time. We have solutions available such as print and mail notices, statements, letters to customers Through (SLA's) Service level agreements,  full back-office support while maintaining confidentiality and meeting sensitive deadlines.

Financial Technology Solutions

Our main aim is to help you focus on what’s important, the clients. The world of information is dynamic and your clients want access to information at their fingertips.  We have the solutions, here at Xosomo we’ve partnered with industry best in class Electronic Content Management (ECM) ONBASE software created by Hyland Software which currently sits in the top magic quadrant Forrestor Wave. Solutions offered are digitizing And document or content Management, automated workflows for customer on-boarding, loan processing, case management, customer service help desk which can Link To Hyland Financial Services Solutions, virtual server and outlay solutions.

Other services offered

Chemical reactivity, uv printing, customized screens, Micro lines, embedded special paper fibers), Cheques, Certificates, Vouchers, Letterheads, Envelopes, Business Forms,  Books, Full Colour Promotional Prints Brochures, Flyers, Signage, Stickers, Promotional Print Props Using Foam Boards, Copy Paper.